How to Update Your Antivirus Software

How to Update Your Antivirus Software

Some companies think they are protected from viruses, just because they have installed the virus protection program.This may occur frequently.

For complete protection against virus threats from your computer, there are few steps:

Get a good virus protection program (The most used are Norton and McAfee) or get a Fix Me Stick.

1 – Install the software, do it and keep it running.

2 – Upgrade the software on your anti-virus on a regular basis.

To have a good virus protection program, they must follow next steps.

First step: Get virus protection programs

Buy a good virus protection program is simple. You can do it from many electronics or computer store. Today, there are also many bookstores and shops selling software. Another possibility is that a program download anti-virus directly from the Internet.

Second step: Installation

When you install your anti-virus program, you have several options to choose from. Prepare the program to review all files automatically. Once your program is installed, simply start the program and find areas where you can verify that the program is operated to examine automatically.

Third step: update regularly

Most people will be left after the first two steps. However, should the third step is essential. You must update your virus protection program on a regular basis to keep up to date. Most virus programs consist of two main aspects: the scanner (exam), which investigates conduct of heuristic-type virus, and a database of model virus, sometimes called names virus files identifying specific virus, known. The database is the part that needs to be updated. Each month they discovered much new viruses.The companies that manufacture anti-virus software incorporating processes for detection of new viruses as rapidly as they are discovered. However, the software on your computer will not remove the new virus until you do not update your anti-virus.

Use the Automatic Update

Most new versions of their anti-virus programs have a range of automatic updating. To use this range, simply log onto the Internet, start the anti-virus program and click the button Update (Update). The update process is automatic. But not always the update is done automatically.

Installing Updates

Many anti-virus programs offer free upgrades, but some charge a minimal fee to take a more recent version, which protects completely the vast amount of viruses that appear every day. Consider the investment being made in the anti-virus software as the cost of insurance. It is a safe with which it must at present.

After you have updated their virus protection program, you’ll want to examine your hard disk to make sure it has not been infected by any new virus, since last update. Remember that many viruses are activated by a certain date. They can be very long in the system of your computer without doing any damage.

If the anti-virus find a virus, will warn you first and then remove the virus. This is a quick and easy process that requires a minimum knowledge or user intervention. In many cases, the agenda for the protection of the virus will remove the virus and repair your files without any loss of data. It is better to be safe rather than suffer for the loss of some important file, for not having updated in time.